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Terrorism? Yes, We All Play a Part

I’ve seen Indian Hindus praising fellow Indian for raping, torturing and victimizing Pakistanis and other minorities and I have seen Pakistanis doing just the same. I have seen Pakistani Muslims targeting Hindus, Ahmadis and other minorities, referring them all as kafirs, the same way they call us all (Pakistanis and Muslims) terrorists.

“We broke the necks of Ahmadis and buried them forever,” cried out Raja Pervez Ashraf, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, in a recent PPP gathering. (Source: The Nation)

According to reports, a factory that was owned by an Ahmadi was set on fire, after looting on Nov. 20, 2015, and the residences inside were torched with the intention of burning Ahmadis alive inside.


Following are the stats of other persecutions and targeting:

  • In Jan. 2015, two attempts were made to burn an Ahmadiyya mosque in Attock.
  • On May 04, 2015 the authorities demolished parts of an Ahmadiyya mosque in Panchand, District Chakwal.
  • A policeman was injured by firing when 2 unidentified armed men attacked an Ahmadiyya mosque on July 11, 2015 in Taunsa Sharif, District of Dera Ghazi Khan.
  • An Ahmadiyya mosque in Kala Gujran, District Jhelum was attacked by a mob, its belongings were burned followed by its occupation on Nov. 21, 2015.(Source: Tribune)
  • On March, 2016 over 70 people were killed and around 300 were injured in Gulshan – e Iqbal blast that was crowded due to Easter.(Source: Tribune)
  • In June 2016, the ‘’untouchable’’ Christian was beaten up for selling icecream in Kasur. (Source: Dawn)
  • 2 members of the Hindu community were shot dead in an attack on a wine shop Karachi on 3rd June, 2016 (Source: Dawn)
  • No justice has been served to Mina – the 8 year old Pakistani Hindu girl who was raped and killed (Source: Dawn)


Why so much hatred toward other religions, races and nations? Why the double standards? Does nationalism really come before humanity? It is distressing to see people justifying hate crimes. Religion is not the source of Terrorism, it is the intolerance towards others, our lack of acceptance towards people belonging to a different culture and religion and our pseudo nationalism that has blinded us. It is because of this pseudo nationalism that we started covering the crimes, started treating the real problems as if they do not exist and began denying the truth in plain sight. The question remains the same, ‘’Does Nationalism Really Come before Humanity?’’


 We kill, torture, hate, bully people saying, ‘they do not belong here,’ and justify it because in our textbooks Hindus, British, Ahmadis and other minorities are referred to as ‘kafirs’ and ‘dushmans,’ making it a foundation to justify hate crimes against them, ignoring the fact that if we find this injustice justifiable then Niqab ban in France, meat ban in India and hate crimes against Muslims in the United States of America and other parts of the world is also equally justified.


We are a part of a society where murderers are presented and portrayed as heroes, where media cares more about money than respecting humanity as a whole. We lay the roots of terrorism the moment we bully someone, or categorize someone on the basis of religion, gender, caste and race. Islam is the religion of peace, yes, but the ‘religion’ that is interpreted and molded according to the whims and desires of the so called mullahs and mazhab k thaikydaar sitting  on state level is NOT Islam – it is patriarchal, destroying and chauvinistic. It is not Islam that is to be blamed, it is the system, the deeply embedded bigotry, and the insatiable hunger for power and violence.


 We may not be terrorists but somewhere deep down we are all intolerant and judgmental. We might not go out on a kill spree with an axe, but we do bully people for having a dark skin color, or for being plus sized. We do judge people for not being ‘religious’. We dislike sitting with and/or are afraid of the people with a different gender orientation. We still hesitate to accept gifts from Christians, Hindus and people of different faiths. We may not be terrorists, but we all have been prejudiced, xenophobic and intolerant at some point in our lives, and that is exactly where the roots of terrorism lie. In the world full of hate, the need is to stand together, and that not as Pakistanis, Indians, British, Hindus, Muslims, and Ahmadis but as humans.


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I’m taking the road that I feared the most. They call it deviance, I call it hitting the dead end. They fear what the world would say, while I stand here with a puddle of red at my feet and lungs filled with poison. They stand there on the other side of bridge, watching me. I stand here, pushed to extremes, with no choice left but to take this leap.


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Burned by Ice

Heart burns as the cold penetrate it, slowly piercing its way through, spreading in its entirety. The child inside me tries to hold onto the warmth, but drowns regardless, grasping at the straws. Tears flow free, yet somehow they freeze and I couldn’t breathe. That is when the realization hits me – I was being burned by ice.


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Feeling the wind across his face, he set his foot firm and crossed the waves. With life finally making sense, he smiled at the sky and waved. Letting out a happy sigh, he moved forward, as life’s new chapter welcomed him with open arms – never knowing that somewhere, someone prayed for him with every step he took.


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The Dubli, Gori, Doctor Bahu for Your Son?

It is so easy to criticize someone’s appearance, to ridicule them and tauntingly tell them they lack what it takes to be ‘’successful,’’ but no one never really bothers contemplating upon the impact it has on a person’s life. It is dismaying how the concept of beauty distorted over time.  Our standards of beauty are defined and molded by media – the media who portrays black as ugly and being fat and short height as shameful and disgraceful .

It is appalling to see the people with the courage to stand up being shunned and scorned by both, society and the media. In the world of materialism and insecurities, the people of insight are able to look through deception. They are the ones who raise the question; why is media the way it is? …. 

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They told me to be a person I knew I was not. They tore me apart only to say, ”get yourself together.” This world is a terrible place. They abandoned me when I needed them the most. When I wanted to end it, they won’t let me bleed, they won’t let me let go of the poison that runs through my veins.




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Life’s Missing Pieces

Standing on the rooftop, looking down I had missed – the roads we once travelled, a little red on the black and white, that uncomplete house and that silver lining on a cloud. I had missed and I had missed it all, terribly.


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