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Feeling the wind across his face, he set his foot firm and crossed the waves. With life finally making sense, he smiled at the sky and waved. Letting out a happy sigh, he moved forward, as life’s new chapter welcomed him with open arms – never knowing that somewhere, someone prayed for him with every step he took.


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The Dubli, Gori, Doctor Bahu for Your Son?

It is so easy to criticize someone’s appearance, to ridicule them and tauntingly tell them they lack what it takes to be ‘’successful,’’ but no one never really bothers contemplating upon the impact it has on a person’s life. It is dismaying how the concept of beauty distorted over time.  Our standards of beauty are defined and molded by media – the media who portrays black as ugly and being fat and short height as shameful and disgraceful .

It is appalling to see the people with the courage to stand up being shunned and scorned by both, society and the media. In the world of materialism and insecurities, the people of insight are able to look through deception. They are the ones who raise the question; why is media the way it is? …. 

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They told me to be a person I knew I was not. They tore me apart only to say, ”get yourself together.” This world is a terrible place. They abandoned me when I needed them the most. When I wanted to end it, they won’t let me bleed, they won’t let me let go of the poison that runs through my veins.




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Life’s Missing Pieces

Standing on the rooftop, looking down I had missed – the roads we once travelled, a little red on the black and white, that uncomplete house and that silver lining on a cloud. I had missed and I had missed it all, terribly.


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Free Fall

If only I could just,

Understand the why,

Behind the heart’s,

Secret desire,

If only I could just,

Grow a pair of wings,

Flaring in the wind

Just to torch them up

Feather by precious feather

And let myself fall,

Only to understand,

Where I belong.


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With the moon in my sight,

I travelled down the barren street,

Thinking, barefeet,

That what indeed,

Made it so out of reach.


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Sun and Stones

Stone on the stone,
Oh, the lies I’ve adorn,
With every step,
They say, I mourn,
Truth? Never known
For, with each stepping stone,
I left behind,
A piece of my soul.
Yet again,
So much more,
Yet so much,
Is still unknown.



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