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Blame And Victimism

Whenever you find a problem, you’ll usually find the finger-pointing of blame, As our society is addicted to playing the victim…
”If only my teacher taught well…. If only I hadn’t born so poor…. If only I lived in a better place… If only I hadn’t inherited such a temper from my dad/mum… If only my kids weren’t so rebellious… If only we weren’t in such a declining industry… If only my wife/husband was more understanding… If only I were a little more intelligent then anybody else in my college… If only…… If only……………”
Blaming everyone and everything else for our own problems and challenges may be the norm and may provide temporary relief from the pain, but it also chain us to these very problems… . (taken from the book ” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Convey ‘One of my favourite writers’). There are very few people around us who are humble enough to accept and take full responsibility for the circumstances and the consequences of their very own choices, for every choice has a consequence sooner or later… Some people  hold these kind of ideologies in their minds such as ”I” am ”always” right…., ”I” deserved it, It was ”mine”…. ”I” am perfect… ”I” don’t need to change…. How dare he/she insult ”me” like this I’ll insult him/her double in a big gathering…. If ”I” can’t have it no one else can…It wasn’t my fault it was his/her fault. I am going to focus just on ”myself” …..I.……I and I….
These are people out there who’ve got nothing to eat, nothing to wear, no one to tell them that Allaah loves them so be patient. We’ve got everything but still are unsatisfied with our lives, use sleeping pills at nights…  Why?? Because we are way too selfish and are so busy blaming others and have forgotten that our every action and every single word is affecting the people around us and most importantly; is being recorded.. The most common motto now a days.
”YOLO (You Only Live Once)
TRANSLATION: ONLY live for yourself, doesn’t matter if your words/actions are tearing others apart, It really doesn’t even matter If you are being selfish or snatching the rights of other people. Do whatever you ”desire” after all ”you only live once”.
What does Quran says about it? Lets have a look:
”Have you seen the one who takes as his god his own desire? Then would you be responsible for him?” [Al-Qur’an 25:43]
“But as for he who feared the standing before his Lord and restrained the soul from [his] desire, then indeed, Paradise will be his refuge.” [Al-Qur’an 79:40-41]
I am in a view that ”You Only Die Once” so why not prepare for it uh?
”STOP BEING SELFISH” Start caring for others for the sake of Allaah (swt) and you’ll get rewarded. Sacrifice your desires and don’t be a fitnah for others out there. Love more, Expect less and most importantly BE CONTENTED AND BE GRATEFUL FOR THE EVERY SINGLE BLESSING ALLAAH HAS BLESSED YOU WITH and you’ll be happy in sha’ Allaah 🙂
The problem most of us face today is not accepting the fact that we can be ”wrong” at times… We for sure do mistakes, We do take wrong decisions at times, We aren’t perfect….. So why not throw that ”I” thingy out of your life and replace it by ”WE”. Because when ”I” is replaced by ”WE” even ”illness” become ”wellness” [yesh! I took that from facebook, anyways]
So my sincere advise for you is:
Stop blaming and complaining. Raise yourself to the position when you’ve no one else to blame, but yourself”
(from book ”Born Again” by Faiez H.Seyal)……
”That no burdened person (with sins) shall bear the burdens (sins) of another” (53:38)


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