She is a Muslimah!

She is a Muslimah, chaste and pure ;
Who feels in her hijab really secure ;
She is like a protected pearl ;
A pearl that is precious and rare ;
And not like a stone found everywhere ;
So, O you Brother! Do not stare ;
She is a Muslimah and hijab is her pride ;
She is from the ones who fears The Lord ;
She is a Muslimah who loves her Lord ;
O Brother! I know she is rude to you ;
That’s because she wants to save you ;
From the fitnah of Shaitan that runs in veins ;
From the whisperings of Shaitan that falsely address ;
All she was told was to ”Dress To Impress” ;
She screamed to the world ”I chose to impress the one I love, I chose to dress to please my Lord
The Lord Of The Worlds who created ALL of us” ;
So, You O Brother! Stop day-dreamin ;
Stop sayin that your love for her is true ;
Because it’s not love it is pure lust ;
Marry her if it’s love and make it pure ;
And O My Brother! You know what? ;
Your sweet words won’t impress her ;
Lower your gaze before.. Who Knows? ;
The Angel Of Death is at the next door ;
Turn to HIM O Brother! Before you return to HIM ;
Her heart belongs to the ONE whom she loves ;
Her Rabb, her Creator.. The Lord Of The Worlds


4 comments on “She is a Muslimah!

  1. Allah hu Akbar, nothing is more reassuring than a sister covered, ma’sha’Allah.


  2. Ah-Shome MASHALLAH ❤


  3. ma sha Allah. BarakAllahu feek.


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