You want a ”Naya Pakistan”!?? Start with YOURSELF!

Great! First time in history elections are gettin like Cricket Matches… People are getting really crazy..  This article is dedicated to an amazing friend Hira (NO PEOPLE!! I promised she is NOT crazy -_- don’t even think that) She is really a political-minded and extremely sweet person and planning to become a Prime Minister of Pakistan someday (May Allaah accept her efforts insha’Allaah :)…
Each cell of the body of EVERY Pakistani is gettin excited and all of them (Well, majority of them :P) have high hopes from Mr. IK (Imran Khan) and everyone here is looking forward for a ”Naya Pakistan” (that includes me too btw). BUT the point is even if PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) wins this Saturday, (i.e tomorrow) will all of us pray Fajr in congregation on Sunday? Will we stop lying, cheating and harming others? Will we stop breaking traffic rules? Will we start thinking of our neighbors rights? Will we stop snatching the rights of others? Will be stop being unjust at an ”individual” level????????????… We ALL want a ”Naya Pakistan” but the question is ARE WE WILLING TO CHANGE??????? It doesn’t matter who wins (well, somehow it does :P) but the point is… Naya Pakistan can ONLY be build if we are willing to change our OWN mindset!!! If we all promise to change…
”Change is always inside-out not outside-in (mostly)”
If you are to change the world you got to change your own self first…. If you don’t.. Well, then forget about a peaceful Pakistan we all dream of like SERIOUSLY!! It is said that: ”Aik qaum pe waisay hi hukmaraan nazil hotay hain jaisa k wo qaum khud hoty hai” So, people…You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being (Malcom X) with high moral values… I am not against Imran Khan or any other political leader (Nor I am gettin into an argument to-vote or not-to-vote) But think about it people… We want a Naya Pakistan but WE are not willing to take a step towards betterment as in come on! Aik bechara akaila hukmeraan kia kia karay ga?? lol.. Be rational.. YES!! VOTE FOR CHANGE but FIRST promise to change YOURSELF…….


5 comments on “You want a ”Naya Pakistan”!?? Start with YOURSELF!

  1. Good thought Nayab! 🙂 We all need to be the change we want to see in the world. Change is like a promise renewed, to be a better muslim, a better person, a better daughter, son…a better mother, father, a better doctor, engineer or whatever that we are….the way I see it and what has always been my philosophy in life (and like Khan sab often says too): “Our obligation is to try and keep trying with a clear intention (niyat) and leave the results (success) on Allah ji”…and whenever in life I’ve done this, I’ve never had to regret…and Allah for sure bestows you with true success! Allah bless you Nayab! 🙂 and keep writing lovely pieces!! 🙂


    • Soooo true Amber Baji ❤ We ALL need to do our part no matter who so ever our government is 🙂 May Allaah (swt) help us to change for better nation and a united Muslim ummah just for HIS sake and keep us steadfast insha'Allaah.


  2. Excellent reminder and very timely. Jzk khayr.


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