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A WAKE-UP CALL (Not Everybody Is Given a Second Chance)

Just another hot summer day and her friend’s wedding the next week. Deciding to take the break from all the dance rehersals she and her friends decided to drive to a pool. Water seemed a good idea such the sun was already angry.She couldn’t wait to get into the water as she was already melting with heat. The pool was big enough and crowded. she wanted to jump in but didn’t know swimming. ”Sigh! I could just stand in it”, thought she.. A little girl while judging her annoyance whispered ”Don’t worry! You can’t drown because your feet are touching the bottom of the pool.”… ”It’s OK”, she smiled at the little girl But she was ok this was. Or not. Definitely not! She was irked seeing people swimming like pros.

With the ting of jealousy clowding her mind, her feet slipped and she was drowning. She could feel the water gushing over her head and she was helpless Breaking through the surface of the water now and then, gasping for air, she screamed for help but the voice didn’t escape her lips. No one came to help, no her family, not her friends, not her designer dresses and pretty shoes. She was all alone, drowning, dying, begging for a miracle. The memories of her past came back haunting her. All the parties she went to without Hijab, all the weddings, the dance rehersals, the.. everything. She wanted to say ‘’La ilaaha illalla’’ but the words wouldn’t come out. She begged for a chance.  She saw a light, like a tinkling flame in darkness. But then maybe she was losing her consiousness.  She heard someone yelling her name. Was it Malk ul Maut? Doesn’t sound like it, though. She felt something touch her arm, like a feather caressing. And then she was lifted out of water. She blinked, gathering her thoughts. She was alive. She blinked again, this time through her tears. I was suppose to die, No? Did angel of death overlooked me? Angels don’t make mistakes, do they? Or maybe this wasn’t her time to depart, this was her wakeup call. She really was given a second chance. A chance she didn’t maybe deserve. But now was the time to repent and to live acc. to ‘’La ilaaha illalah, to enjoy the beauty of hijab and now was the time to taste the sweetness of Emaan.


See people:
She was given a Wake-Up call but we might not..
She was given a second chance but we might not..
Death is certain..
We can’t deny…
From angel of death we can’t flee
It wasn’t her time so she didn’t die..
But death is certain..

And we can’t deny…
So, why not get prepared while we still have time?

NOTE: This story is based on real incident and personal experience.


One comment on “A WAKE-UP CALL (Not Everybody Is Given a Second Chance)

  1. Reblogged this on Unlimited Limitation and commented:
    Alhamdulillah found this post, actually I’ve the same experience about it during dreaming last night. Eventhough it was just a dream, wake up call surely remind us that the most esential things in this world finished by the word of death, everything. The taste of iman should be keep by every muslim constantly. Deep down inside, you’ve to be a stronger in this world to spread more about Islam through your passion activities. Nice post and touchable, there are so many moral value inside, and recommended to read. May Alloh bless us with His mercy.Jazakumullohu khoir.amin


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