Be Moderate (Humor V/S Seriousness)

Assalam o alaikum wr wb ๐Ÿ™‚
Hey there, You know you don’t have to be all rigid and too much serious just because you wear a niqab or have a beard…
”When Islam Enters A Heart It Softens The Heart And Not Harden It”
There are so many brothers and sisters in niqabs and beard out there with the killer look on their faces (just sayin)… I mean.. like seriously… You are the one representing Islam… Islam is a beautiful religion, a religion of peace and mercy… Don’t be so harsh..Don’t tell them that you’re a Muslim, show them!! Show them Islam is beautiful by showing them the perfection of your akhlaaqTHE PERFECTION that they couldn’t resist… (I know, no one is perfect.. But lets not make it an excuse and lets take a step towards improvement together) On the other hand don’t be soooo over-humorous that people start feeling really awkward around you… There comes the point in life where you need to be serious and act like a grown up… It is said that YOU SHOULD BE MODERATE IN WHATEVER YOU DO… Joke with people BUT IN A HALAAL WAY!! And that’s reallyyy important, You know? Get closer to people and make your attitude towards people so good that everybody would crave your company.. ๐Ÿ™‚ And YESSS ONNmost


Look, you need to understand that not everybody’s the same… You need to learn how to treat the people of different people of different age groups… You can not treat an old person the way you would treat a child..


In the end it would be your character and your attitude towards people that is really going to matter for people.. not your wealth not your status and neither do your beauty….. Always remember that beauty is in the heart and not in the face!!



3 comments on “Be Moderate (Humor V/S Seriousness)

  1. Good to have your word after a long time. Jazakillahu Khair ukhti.


  2. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness
    of valuable knowledge about unexpected feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

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