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Your Teen Wants To Be Emotionally Satisfied

Dealing with your teenager can be a difficult task.. I know how hard it is for  parents to control the temper when your teen misbehaves. When he doesn’t do what you want him to or when he doesn’t do stuff the way to want him to. Hey there! Calm down and fetch a glass of H2O.. After all you were once a teen too… You used to have this all friendly, ever blooming relationship with your teen when he/she was a kid. What happened? Change happened.Your child is growing up. Trying to get to know the world and failing. He’s going through identity crises and trying to find a place to fit in. . Your teen won’t say/discuss things with you because he fears you wouldn’t understand him. He might pretend that play strong and would shut you out.. He vulnerable , His life’s a mess and he needs a direction…
Everybody make mistakes and your teen would too. Don’t expect him to be perfect… Don’t expect him to transform into someone he’s not. If you’re doing that you’re probably wasting the person he is, you’re wasting the skills that he have. Intead of comparing him with other kids, help him find his own potential and try polishing his own skills.. He needs your love and support more than he needed in his early childhood.. Yes! your baby is growing up but you may better not treat him as a three year old coz a teen won’t tolerate that I am telling you… He needs to get emotionally satisfied
So, What happens when your teen’s emotional need is not satisfied by you!? Look parents you clearly need to understand one thing.. If you won’t fulfil your child’s emotional needs then he’ll get someone else to fulfil that need, to fill that void that is making him restless and unstable.. He’ll naturally incline towards the person who tends to fulfil his/her emotional need.. And that person might not be of  the same gender! Dealing with your teen can be a really difficult job because teens are unstable both emotionally and mentally with all those hormones messing with their heads in every way.
You were once a teen but you can’t treat your child the way your parents treated you… because well, your child’s not you! You need a different approach while dealing with your teens. Here I’ll share a teen’s secrets with you.. Teens crave attention just like little children do and want a leading hand that would guide and an ear that would listen Without Judging them.. If you won’t guide them society will and that will probably be a misguidance..
”Most parents fulfil their children’s financial needs but neglect their emotional and emotional needs and then they say bachay bighar ga’ay hain
Don’t blame your teen, coz it’s not entirely his/her fault if he/she falls into a forbidden relationship because you are the one not paying any heed to fulfill your teen’s emotional need.. They want your support, your unconditional love (without any judgments), emotional satisfaction and most importantly a happy family..!

A teen’s perspective. I really hope this article would help you parents dealing with your teen.. i.A 🙂


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