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Let’s Transform Ourselves This Ramadan.


Ramadan is the month of blessing, forgiveness and CHANGE. Ramadan is here to help us clean our hearts from hate and grief and to fill it with love and happiness. Ramadan is synonymous with change The first step to change, is to believe that we can change, and Allah swt makes that clear during this month. In fact, the word Ramadan comes from the root “Ramada”, which means ”intense heat”. As science tells us that intense heat can be used to bend and shape the strongest of metals. How is this related to Ramadan in our Deen? It is a time for us every year to reshape our lives into whatever shape we like. No matter how set you are in your bad habits, the heat of Ramadan can change you for the better, In sha Allah.The gift of Ramadan allows us to see it for ourselves. Allaah swt shows us that we can change, He believes in us more than we do.  Our behaviour can be different in this month than it is all year. It does not hurt that He has chained the devils to give you that.

 Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said,

“When the month of Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of the (Hell) Fire are closed, and the devils are chained.”

Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 3277 In-book reference : Book 59, Hadith 86, USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 4, Book 54, Hadith 497

 If in this month devils are chained then why do we still Sin? Why do we still lie and backbite and do things we aren’t suppose to do? No, it’s not Shaitan, it’s our own Nafs. You know what’s the hardest part of Ramadan? It’s not the long fasting hours. It’s not the attempts of memorizing the Quran. It’s not standing up in taraweeh or getting up for tahajjud. The hardest part is realizing that you are your biggest enemy, acknowledging that your nafs (soul) is stronger than you think, and accepting that even though the shaytaan (devil) is locked away that he has left his little pockets of influence all over you. It’s a tough, bitter pill to swallowto know that your slip in temper, your impatience, your laziness in ‘ibadah (worship), your bad thoughts, your sins etc. aren’t because of the whispers of the Shaitan but because of your own self. Ramadan is about controlling your Nafs, it is about asking forgiveness. Ramadan is not about eating Sahoor, sleeping all day long, waking up 5 minutes before Iftaar and eating like we haven’t seen food in months! Ramadan is not the month of going into Hibernation but it a month of Ibadah, it’s a month to please Allaah swt and a month of repentance. So, don’t celebrate your Ramadan roaming and loitering around in the markets, eateries or watching movies or sleeping around all day long, but get connected with the Quran and get closer to Allaah swt. Let’s not forget the real purpose of fasting i.e attaining Taqwa. Don’t let this Ramadan be just a holiday of rituals. Don’t finish reading the Quran twice or thrice without it transforming you. Don’t feed your body at Suhoor, but starve your heart and soul of Qiyam. Don’t reduce this downpour of mercy to just a month of sweets and lavish iftars or losing weight. Seek Him, you will find. Take a sincere step towards change, transformation, redemption. If you do, you will find Him in front of you. Find Him this month. He’s been there all along. Closer than your jugular vein. Look and you’ll find. Walk and you’ll arrive. Ask and you’ll be answered, Repent and you’ll be forgiven. Insha’Allaah.

Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) saying regarding Ramadan:

“Whoever prayed at night in it (the month of Ramadan) out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.”

Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 2008 In-book reference : Book 31, Hadith 1, USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 3, Book 32, Hadith 226


.Let’s get our sins forgiven this Ramadan and Let this Ramadan change and transform us. Insha’Allaah.



One comment on “Let’s Transform Ourselves This Ramadan.

  1. Very well written Mash’Allah… It is the whole point of Ramadhan is internal cleansing,,, Getting rid of all the bad habits and desires and exhibiting self control

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