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Behind The Closed Doors.

It’s OK to cry behind the closed doors, it’s OK to scream in the inner dark room of your home, it’s OK to hurt sometimes in the crowd of people, it’s OK to feel the pain, it’s OK to stumble and fall, it’s OK to break down and it’s OK to visit your past… just don’t stay there. Wipe the tears, get back up and smile even if you don’t want to, because they say, ”fake it till you make it”. It’s OK to doubt yourself on occasions but let you faith in yourself dominate you. Just Believe! 10660171_664497610314345_6835435590361864645_n

Wrong choices are made, things go wrong, people change, regrets remain but guilt eats you up alive.. just… let it go. Take a long deep breath and let it go. Coz you can’t change it, none of it, no matter what you do. Learn your lessons and move on. It may be hard, but trust me, crying over your past doesn’t make it better, it won’t make the pain go away, it won’t heal you… letting it go will. Some goodbyes are the hardest to say but sometimes you’ve to remove a few things from your life because they are not meant to be. They just hold you to ground and restrain your wings, taking away your capability to dream. Let it go because there’s no reason to hold on to it, there never was. You maybe cold today but clinging to your past won’t warm up your soul, but remembering the happy moments, making some other good memories, looking forward to your future and making out the best out it will. Who knows what the future beholds. Do you believe in miracles?


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