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A Blazing Star.

Numb – that’s exactly how she’d felt for a long time. She was fading away, loosing the track of time, slipping away, just like the night. Stepping into the portal of nothingness, she slipped through the edge. That’s when the bridge broke. The pain became unbearable, spreading through her soul, to her very bones. Tears fell and she screamed. The girl who seemed to be so unbreakable, broke. Wanting to hide, to give up, to run and never look back, to lock herself up and shut everything out, to make the pain go away. But something stopped her, a voice, forcing her to listen, leaving her no choice but to be strong, to get up and face it, to be a blazing star and light up the world.
She thought about her life, questioned her existence, she’d done everything to fill the void but it remained, darkening her soul with each passing day, making her even more melancholic. She drank this world like a cure, but maybe it was the poison; not the kind of poison that poisons your physical being, but the kind of the poison that does the collateral damage to your soul, the kind of poison that is even more dangerous than Castor Beans and Wolfsbane. The world is the kind of a poison that makes your brain stop functioning and forces you to step into a portal of delusion. It makes you forget your purpose, the reason of your existence. It makes you forget anything and everything, without you even knowing it. Live in this world but don’t let this world delude you and take away your capability to distinguish between what is real and what is not. Focus. Don’t let this world enslave your mind. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, find that link! Exploit it. Break the shackles and get free! imagesA15C1OCW


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