The Land Of Dreams

The clear oceans with endless skies that’s how my land of dreams is like. Free of selfishness, free of arrogance, free of misery and free of insanity. I see a land where people live in harmony, holding hands, knowing their strengths in unity. A land of love, a land of peace, a land free of melancholy. A land where plant grow without the fear – the fear of being deprived of their glow. A land where the sun shines and provide the earth with warmth and security. A land where birds sing without the fear of being captured. A land of my dreams exist beyond anyone’s imaginations because it is the land of my dream. But the dreams may come true, if there’s a motivation to drive you. I find that motivation in my land of dreams, to make it real, to make it happen. To make this world a perfect place to live, just like my land of dreams.


2 comments on “The Land Of Dreams

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and reading this post “Burning Read” was an absolute pleasure. Thanks

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