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The Autumn Leaves

Walking down the same path she’d crossed a long time ago, she smiled. The fallen autumn leaves reminded her of the time when once she stood in the middle of the woods, and played with the autumn leaves. The same woods she used to visit at nights, the place where she once found a twinkling star, a star that she wanted to touch, wanted to absorb its light to her soul but it was out of her reach, she wanted it to last forever, she wanted it to be real. When she finally mustered up the courage and reached out, it started fading, leaving her in the utter stillness and darkness, the kind of the darkness that penetrate you and leaves you cold and trembling. The darkness taught her things though, valuable things, lessons that no light could teach her. She missed the light and the way it used to make her feel. She missed it desperately but it was no longer there, but then maybe she no longer needed it because at some point between searching a way out and looking for stars, she found something better, she found herself.



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