Fantasy VS Reality (Lessons In Love)

Crying at nights for the people who would never care, mourning over a loss of something (or someone) that was never really yours. We hold burning coals in hands by choice and when they burn us, we blame fate. Love, if halal it can be your guiding light, but lust will only lead you to a blind ended tunnel. Why depending on someone who doesn’t even care? Why cry your heart out for someone who would leave you one day, either by choice or by something inevitable (death). Why ending your life for someone who never knew your worth? We, girls are not born weak, most of us only roam around putting a label of miserliness on our foreheads and one day that becomes our reality. We need stable women, women of strength and character who’ll raise leaders and real men! The ”hot” dude you’re crazy about won’t help you attain it. And no, you won’t die without him either. Hot things only burn, and so would they. The Tobias Eatons and Peeta Mellarks do not exist, *Looks around for crazy fangirls with a dragger in hands, ready to kill me* and Derek Hale won’t come to your rescue, trust me on this. They are fictional, Ok? Let’s get real here. There’s no such thing as Mr. Perfect. Mr. Darcy ain’t real. such men don’t exist, oh, they do! But in the fictional world. *Tap Tap* The world you live in is real, the reality, can you see it?download True love is not when you see him and a violin starts playing, wind start blowing and you feel like floating. Woah, there! *waves hands* Come back to earth.That’s not love, that’s a side effect of watching Indian romantic movies and…. Anyway, this only happens in movies, reality on the other hand is quite different. Love is about commitment and growing together. And true love is when you accept someone as a whole (with his/her good and bad qualities ), you don’t try to change him/her you grow together. When you care for his/her akhira. When you want him/her to be with you in Jannah. True love guides you to a goal, it helps you to achieve your dreams and most importantly; true love is halal. beautiful-hearts


4 comments on “Fantasy VS Reality (Lessons In Love)

  1. By your name i thought you are a boy lol!!
    Well, this was amazing and so very connecting!! Loved it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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