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My story


I’m a thinker 
I’m a dreamer
I know what I’m
I know what I’m not

I went through ways
Darker than the night
I was my enemy
Starting a fight

Fighting against myself
A way, which made me mad
Went crazy many times
It was me losing my mind

Influenced by the past
Made me running very fast
Have chosen a way
Which made me lonely

Behaving and acting
As I always have done
For me and friends
It was no fun

Lost people there was no other way
I made them go, gave them no reason to stay
Did mistakes again and again
Didn’t change
I felt like I was supposed to fail

Some new friends crossed my life
Made me think and stronger to survive
Changed, because I wanted to
Still changing and doing my best
Feeling happy. No time to rest.

A life, which make me happy

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