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Like a Golden Daffodil.

There will always be people who would look right in your eye urging you to surrender, even if they hand you a bottle of poison you’ll willingly keep it, you know why? Because humans are so fragile, so full of insecurities. They’ll make you doubt yourself, never letting you grow your own wings. They’ll feed you on their strength make you completely dependent on them and when they make themselves your breathing air, they leave, saying, ”you’re nothing and don’t worth it” They leave you to survive on your own, forcing you to question your own identity. That’s when you realise you never had one, coz it was all them, dominating your life. When this happens, stay strong, struggle to overcome those insecurities, find a real meaning in life, and prove them wrong. Because there’s nothing bigger than finding your own way and being able to look right into their eyes and say, ”I Am Somebody,” and actually mean it. 




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