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The Call Unheard

The voice inside my head kept repeating what was wrong with me, and what am I doing. It echoed inside my head, ringing the bells. My mind resisted but a part of me refused to listen. It felt like my control was taken away. A piece of my mind resisted, but I find myself doing it anyway. Couldn’t fight it. Couldn’t deny it. It was something I was unable to stand against. It was like an invisible thread, pulling me, bewitching me. The more I struggled to get free the more it wired me closer. I had no clue what it was, but it was there, like a flame dancing on the water surface, tempting me and urging me closer. A piece of me knew it was too dangerous, it could either burn me or drown me if I ever got too close. The voice inside my head begged me to be rational and to turn around before it lead me to a dead end, but somewhere on the surface it was disregarded.L 2


One comment on “The Call Unheard

  1. Whoa!! 😮 actually.. i Neva read something like this.
    Nice deah!!


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