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The Words Untold

Things she never said were now on the tip of the tongue, words that never made sense before now, words that she had held back for so long that they were now gnawing at her soul. Then there was a fire inside her, urging her to spill it all out, to set free her own raging inferno. Yet she was stopped by an invisible force, a tiny voice in the back of her mind. A part of her screamed on her incapability to ignoring it. A part of her wanted to bloom like a spring flower, to be free just for this once, yet there were so many restrictions. The fear of setting a foot in the enticing demarcations held her back. The demarcations she would never dare crossing again. She had taken her chances, and suffered terribly. She was scared, too scared to go to an unknown place again, afraid to let the darkness consume her, afraid to set herself free on the cost of falling so deep that she eventually lose her own self.words untold


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