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Reasons to Write

Some things never really go away. They keep growing inside you till you can’t breathe. Suffocating your entire being, they kill you slowly. Then a point comes when you don’t feel angry anymore, you feel numb, and worse of all you feel empty. There are a million fears running inside your head, a hundreds of If-Onlys and a thousands of What-Ifs, which never really leave you alone no matter what you’re doing. It keeps growing until you start fearing you’ll burst like a volcano and destroy everything in way. You just want your mind to be empty and the voices inside your head to stop. You feel all kind of miserable, that’s when you make writing your anchor. You write trying to give your mind some clarity, You scramble down your emotions on a piece of paper, and when you finally let it out so much more remains. So much more to scream out to the world, so much more to bear and so much more to let go.

I write to forget. I write to escape.

I write to forget. I write to escape.


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