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The Moon Might Change

Things were different back then. Maybe it was us who were different or maybe the world we lived in was different. Things change, they say. People change, yet the memories remain, they say. You say you want to escape the limit of time, but you know you can’t. You’re stuck in the river of change, always have. Long before when Heraclutis said ”We both step and do not step in the same rivers (you don’t step in the same river twice.)” Life flows just like this flowing river, always going on. You look back and BAM, and everything seems like a dream. The memories so far but yet so vivid. It’s weird, isn’t it? Last year this time things were so different. It’s weird how everyday nothing changes but after few years we you look back in time, you’re a completely different person. Some things never change though. The sun never stops loving the earth, the flowers never let go of their fragrance, the stars don’t leave alone the moon, but who knows someday it might change too? And that will be the biggest tragedy known to mankind.



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