A Pawn in Their System

It was hypocrisy showing from every single pour of my body, my soul screaming for being neglected for so long. Calling on its food. I don’t know what I was scared of. My brain shutting off, every fiber of my soul aching, tearing a deep whole inside my chest. My eyes cried as if felt the pain of my shattering soul. The eyes cried, but the heart feel nothing but a twinge of, what? Pain? Regret? Guilt? It was nothing more than just a little twinge leaving another tiny scar on my already bruised soul. Maybe my heart was dying, and it was worse than dying physically. It stole away my peace of mind, bit by bit, sucking away my life with each passing day. My frail armor of hope was fading with every sunset. Stealing everything away it took me to an abyss of despondency. It was choking me, suffocating my soul, and my soul was thriving to survive. ‘’A human soul is strong,’’ my grandma used to say. ‘’It knows what a human mind can’t decipher, and accepts what our minds refuse. It knows who created it, and it know why it was sent.’’ I think she was right, stubborn creature a human is. In that moment I knew what was I missing, I was missing a purpose in my life, and neglecting an intangible part of my. You can never separate your soul from your physical self. It doesn’t work that way. The only way to destroy your soul is to ignore it for so long that you forget it is there in the first place, but when this happens you are no longer a human. You become just another piece in the puzzle, just another pawn in the system.



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  1. You write so amazing !!

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