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An Object of My Phantasy

With a familiar ache in my heart and my wailing soul, thoughts after thoughts crossed my mind. They left me vanquished, coerced me down on my knees, and threatened to shatter me. I let the darkness consume me, bit by bit, a little more every day. My memories consumed me like a raging inferno. Every day the sun would go down and leave me in gloom. Nights after nights I lay there, wide awake, playing in my mind over and over again the possibilities. Over time they broke every single barrier my soul was struggling so hard to shield. They crossed every barricade and rushed through my mind like blood flowing in veins. I would dream at nights. Good dreams. The kind of dreams you’d happily sell your reality for. The kind of dreams that make you to go down the rabbit hole and make you want to stay there forever. Sometimes I feel it down my very bones, a need so strong that t burns me from the insides like a furnace– the need to get away. The world drains me, and I just had to get away to keep my sanity intact. Somewhere deep down I know I should not let my mind to be an object of my fantasies, but yet I find myself gradually giving in. I don’t know how much I could take before I give in completely. A piece of me wants to run away, to a place where I won’t have to fake, a place where I can find my solace. A real place, and not just a fragment of my imagination.



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