Desperation – It’s the worst thing – A thing that makes you forget what really matters, and it makes you to take something which is not yours. When you desire a thing you want to possess it, and when you’re unable to make it yours you become desperate. It is because of this desperation why people adopt wrong means. When you let your desires grow you become antsy, and you’ll give up anything to get your hands on it. To desire is normal, and to crave control is a human nature, but once it becomes more of an obsession it starts dragging you towards a point of insanity – a point of no return. Islam doesn’t forbid you to desire something, it discipline your desires, disciplining them by providing you with the manuals of rights and wrongs – the Quran and Sunnah. Every women you see in a hijab is not oppressed and every man with a beard is not an oppressor. Islam doesn’t oppress you, it gives you back your freedom. It frees you from your own desires. By breaking the shackles, it sets you free.



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