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Find My Way Home

Emblazed Thoughts

My eyes burn and so does my soul

Not with light, but the dark flame

My heart is soar with the venom that runs

My breath coming harsh due to acid in my lungs

Engulfed I am by a strange bleakness

Drowning I am in the sea of shame

How could’ve I exposed my points of weakness?

Why couldn’t I see it was part of a big game?

Drenched in my wrong doings, with no where else to go

Oh The Greatest, The Merciful, I call on You

I am a weakling, I am disobedient, I am ungrateful, I know

But I stand here Oh Lord, my heart sad and rue

From You alone I ask for help, To You alone I bow

Oh Allah! Oh Merciful, Heal My Soul

Purify me from deeds, gone as black as coal

Let the tears fall, as fresh drops of dew

Let them…

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