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Down the Forsaken Road

Sometimes fate leads you to places, where your demons reside. You keep repeating to yourself, ‘’This can’t be happening to me.’’ You are terrified, and you found yourself trapped there. Fate is a brutal thing. Some things do not even make sense, yet they happen and you dread every second of it. Some things are not meant to be, still they cross your path repeatedly. Why do your past just have to cross your present and stand between your future? I once promised to never cross that one path again, but how to stop something that is beyond control? Once again I was forced to walk that unwanted path, once again life beat me in my own game. Once again I found myself on my knee, down the same forsaken road.

Down the Forsaken Road


One comment on “Down the Forsaken Road

  1. If we could only understand why certain things happen; but some things are really hard to explain. We just have to take them as they come.


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