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In the Love of Precious Memories

4 years since my grandparents died, almost 10 years since I’ve known one of my childhood friends, more than 14 years since I first stepped into school for the very first time I close my eyes and there they are – the Memories.The happy memories and the soul crushing moments, the awkward moments and the lessons well learned, the sweet lies and the bitter truths, the crazy moments and that uncontrollable laughter, the selfish moments and the little acts of kindness, the hidden secrets and the unsaid words, the unshed tears and the glistening eyes, the ugly scars and heart wrenching pain, the shattered hearts and broken promises, the people who loved and the people who hate, the people who left and the people who stayed, the comforting hugs and concerned eyes, the special moments and the precious memories my friends gave me to rejoice forever.

I am amazed at how quickly time passes – days, weeks, months, years and then one day will your whole life! But memories never leave. They’re always there to remind you that storms are not meant to last and some people are worth living for.



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