Demons of the Night Sky

When the rest of the world is silent and sky is darkened, have you ever laid in your bed wide awake and stared at the ceiling, wondering why wont sleep be kind to you. Why just can’t your brain give you a break? Why still the memories keep haunting you? Looking at the clock struck 2 in the morning have you ever wondered why your evenings pass in a blur and nights in misery? I wish I had the answers to these questions, but I don’t. But there’s one thing I know, that when in mornings the sun is out, the sky is illuminated with the rays passing through the clouds, while giving the clouds a silver lining. That silver lining – people associate it with the strongest of men and women, but they forget that the people who slay dragons in morning are also the ones who are haunted by their own demons at nights.

Demons of the Night Sky


2 comments on “Demons of the Night Sky

  1. The last lines were epic !!

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