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Demons of the Deep Blue Sea

When you are trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea, you feel your reasoning leaving you. Your mind becomes bleak, and you are encompassed by the fear that grows on you like a second skin, forcing your instincts of survival to kick in. Some develop a defense mechanism and others give up to the timeless sensation. The former are called survivors and the latter, victims. How ironic that yet the people we call survivors die every day in a thousand different ways while the ‘victims’ manage to fleet away. Behind the closed doors the survivors scream, yet the world tell them that they lack empathy. When fighting a thousand battles they finally break down, people say they are weak and infirm. When they cry for help, no one listen to their plea and when finally people ask, “What’s wrong?” it is too late.  Their demons reside in the deep blue sea and the sea – it calls onto them. Now people come for them and they do not want to be saved.

Demons of the Deep Blue Sea


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