Like the Sun of a Waning Dawn

It is weird how people change and the worst part is, whenever you look at them it hurts, like a sword piercing right through your soul and splitting you into two. It hurts to even think about the memories and the never-ending possibilities – the possibilities of what could have happened. It hurts to think about what you were before, how much you loved the people who then stabbed you from behind before giving you a chance to even let you see their real face. It hurts to remember how you used to laugh together, how you used to care. Everything suddenly changes, leaving you to wonder what went wrong. Sometimes you wonder that maybe it was for the best. At other times you feel the gloom embracing you and suddenly even in the room full of chirping crowd, you feel alone like the sun of the waning dawn – beautiful, yet so utterly heartbreaking.

Rainy rain


2 comments on “Like the Sun of a Waning Dawn

  1. Such strongly written words.

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