The Door

The Door

You knocked at the door, And I just sat there, unaware Letting someone else to get the door Maybe it was fate, Maybe pure coincidence, My heart told me something in its vigilance, It changed the rhythm of its beat, The moment, on my threshold you set your feet.       Advertisements

Brawling Memories

How unfortunate that some people find it so easy to end it, to break the ties. Just like that they’re gone, and assume that you would forget them. They think by vanishing into the thin air, and removing themselves completely from your equation of life they’ll make you believe that they never existed, but what […]

Fantasy VS Reality (Lessons In Love)

Crying at nights for the people who would never care, mourning over a loss of something (or someone) that was never really yours. We hold burning coals in hands by choice and when they burn us, we blame fate. Love, if halal it can be your guiding light, but lust will only lead you to […]

Your Teen Wants To Be Emotionally Satisfied

Your Teen Wants To Be Emotionally Satisfied

Dealing with your teenager can be a difficult task.. I know how hard it is for  parents to control the temper when your teen misbehaves. When he doesn’t do what you want him to or when he doesn’t do stuff the way to want him to. Hey there! Calm down and fetch a glass of […]

Building The Emotional Bank Account

Family?? What is an ideal family or the concept of ”home sweet home” in people’s mind? When I was little I used to ratta’fy the quotations for the essay writing one of which was ”HOME IS WHERE THE HEART” Home is a place where one can relax and you want your family to be with […]

SEESTER!! Why You No Love Me?? o_o

Do you know I would give my ENTIRE collection of lip glosses and hijab pins (it means a lot to me BY THE WAY) and I could let you eat my favourite ice-cream even if it’s the only last scoop left.. You know why?? Because I love you and I really really do because Allaah […]

The Great Expectations.

Your own family betrayed you?? Remember, Yusuf (A.S) was betrayed by his own brothers.. Your parents won’t listen to you? Remember Ibrahim’s own father decided to throw him in fire… It was Allaah who made the fire cold for Ibrahim (A.S) and made Yusuf (A.S) the Aziz (Governor) of Egypt…. Sometimes we feel betrayed, depressed, […]