Find My Way Home

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My eyes burn and so does my soul Not with light, but the dark flame My heart is soar with the venom that runs My breath coming harsh due to acid in my lungs Engulfed I am by a strange bleakness Drowning I am in the sea of shame How…


Desperation – It’s the worst thing – A thing that makes you forget what really matters, and it makes you to take something which is not yours. When you desire a thing you want to possess it, and when you’re unable to make it yours you become desperate. It is because of this desperation why […]

A Pawn in Their System

It was hypocrisy showing from every single pour of my body, my soul screaming for being neglected for so long. Calling on its food. I don’t know what I was scared of. My brain shutting off, every fiber of my soul aching, tearing a deep whole inside my chest. My eyes cried as if felt […]

The Leap of Faith

I was head-deep in the hole of confusion and couldn’t put a finger on what to do. The only thing I couldn’t bear having were regrets in life. Some choices are just that tricky. Every choice has a consequence, and facing those consequences in a I-wish-I’d-chosen-differently was something I would never want in life. Maybe it was just […]

Together We Bow

Together We Bow

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By Nayab Imtiaz Out on the roads or inside our homes, On the news or in the depth or our souls, We see chaos every where Chaos that leads us nowhere. Always in search of peace, trying to create harmony, There’s intolerance that shook souls, And the cruelty that make…

What Will You Be Sacrificing This Eid?

The day of Eid approaches in the full bloom, with children laughing and birds chirping, The day that holds endless mercy of Allaah (swt) and a day of joy and a day of…… feasting? This is the question. Was the purpose of this day to fill our tummies to an extent that it becomes hard […]

In The Memory Of A Beloved Brother In Islam (And A Reminder For All Of Us)

Life is unpredictable and death is inevitable. We cry, we laugh, we make mistakes, we grow, we live, we work, we break, we survive and one day *PUFF* we are gone! Leaving behind all the things and people we’ve ever loved, the people whom we’ve promised to live and die for/with. We attend funerals, we […]