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With the moon in my sight,

I travelled down the barren street,

Thinking, barefeet,

That what indeed,

Made it so out of reach.


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Sun and Stones

Stone on the stone,
Oh, the lies I’ve adorn,
With every step,
They say, I mourn,
Truth? Never known
For, with each stepping stone,
I left behind,
A piece of my soul.
Yet again,
So much more,
Yet so much,
Is still unknown.


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Dancing Demons

The little drops of falling rain,
They say, can wash away,
Your every pain,
And vanquish demons,
You kept unslain,
But then again,
They say a lot,
That which remain,
Still Untrue,
They say, that open wounds,
Can mar you, ruin you,
Yet some prefer,
To dance, under this deluge,
Amidst the silver hue
And smile,
Despite the lasting pain,
Of what,
They’ve been through,
As if it were,
All true,
The falling rain,
The fading pain,
All wrapped up,
In solitude.


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The Price of Ignorance

Ignorance is bliss,
With a poison’s kiss
Confining minds,
It sets you free,
In luxury rooms,
Of deadly tombs,
This land of Veratrum,
You cant flee,
It’s either your,
Conscience’s death,
Or insanity.


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Death before Dishonor

If you must die,

Die with honor.

For then death isn’t, any longer,


To mourn over.


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Painted in Blood

She entered the room with zinc walls. Her cheetah striped sandals ticked against the concrete floor as she moved further into the room that smelt like a rotten corpse.

Her blood ran cold as she read on the rusted wall, “My blood was cheap,” written with a blood stained chalk.


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Devil’s Pawn

Secrets spilled,
Lives ruined,
Murdered in cold blood,
By people,
Who once,
“Don’t Fear, Trust us!”
Red eyes,
Raw rage,
Knocking at,
The devil’s gate.
Raising swords,
Spilling blood,
They followed,
The blood lust.
Playing god,
Slitting Throats,
Who whispered,
“For love”


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